ProLife NZ tour 2014: Abortion risks, choices & informed consent

Abortion is often presented as being about choice, but what if women’s choices are actually being limited or even denied because they aren’t getting the full story about abortion, its potential harms and the other alternatives that are available to them?

Come and hear Debbie Garratt, founder and director of Real Choices Australia, talk about abortion risks, the problem of coercion and why many women never experience true informed consent when it comes to their abortion choice.

Debbie Garratt from Real Choices Australia

Debbie Garratt is a Registered Nurse, with specialist experience in counselling, adult education, program development and delivery and research. For the past decade, Debbie’s primary work has been the provision of education and information in the areas of women’s reproductive health, with a particular focus on the adverse impact of abortion. Debbie established Real Choices Australia in 2007.

Real Choices Australia is the first organization of its kind, providing accurate, non-partisan, non-ideological information and resources on reproductive health matters to the general community and the professional sector.

Debbie has consulted both nationally and internationally on policy development, writes regular submissions to government and developed a comprehensive online training course for people working with women experiencing challenging pregnancy. Her qualifications include a Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Nursing, Master of Education and post graduate qualifications in natural therapies, and counselling.