Response to The Guardian’s Article on Prenatal Development

It appears The Guardian has decided to justify abortion, using pictures sourced from an abortion provider.  These images obscure a baby’s development in the womb. 

Here is a more accurate description of what the development of a baby looks like in the first few weeks of pregnancy, using information found on the Mayo Clinic website.

Week 3: At fertilization the baby already has chromosomes and unique DNA. This will help determine the sex and physical traits of the baby.

Week 4: The baby has implanted in the uterine lining and is rapidly growing.

Week 6:  Foundations for the baby’s brain, heart, ears, and eyes are forming. 

Week 7: Arms and legs are starting to develop. The baby has a face.

Week 8: The baby now has fingers, and the eyes can be more clearly seen.

Week 9: Toes and elbows are now growing.

It is always important to check the sources of articles and to consider whether the information is reliable. An abortion clinic is probably not the best source of unbiased information about prenatal development.

Image by Racool_studio on Freepik.
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