Abortion and Human Rights with Brendan Malone

Brendan Malone, New Zealand bioethics and life issues speaker toured our regional groups in Christchurch, Wellington, Palmerston North and Waikato in September 2012 to discuss the issue of abortion and its relation to modern human rights.

What is the nature of human rights? In the issue of abortion, does the mother take absolute precedence over the rights of the child? Should both be considered equal and cared for in concert? What about a woman’s body? These questions answered, and more!

The events were a brilliant opportunity to engage with students from all sides of the abortion debate, in the context of a stimulating intellectual discourse very much in the university tradition.

There was FREE pizza and drinks and a chance to meet-and-greet the ProLife NZ team on your campus and your fellow students.

Brendan Malone is currently studying toward a Masters in bioethics and is passionate about getting New Zealanders thinking about life issues.

Visit the event pages below to RSVP and to invite your friends:

LifeChoice UC (University of Canterbury) – Friday 7 September.
ProLife Massey (Massey University Palmerston North) – Wednesday 12 September.
LifeChoice Vic (Wellington University of Victoria) – event details coming soon – check their Facebook page.
ProLife Waikato (University of Waikato) – Friday 14 September.

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